Wind River Meridian
Fort Washakie, WY

This monument was originally surveyed in July of 1875; the survey was commenced to survey out the lines for the Wind River Reservation and the Shoshone Indians.  The Wind River Initial Point is also known as GLO Station No. 21 with the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.  I found the 3 1/4" Brass GLO Cap in a concrete post approximately 3.5 air miles from Fort Washakie on the Wind River Indian Reservation; this is the resting place for Lewis & Clark guide Sacajawea   Her gravesite is less than 5 miles from this location.



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From Fort Washakie drive southeast for 1 mile and turn left and drive northeast on the Ethete Road for 4.65 miles to an asphalt road on the right, turn right and drive 0.95 miles to a dirt trail across a large water ditch; turn right and drive west for 1 mile and the corner on the right side of the road.

The station is solid in the ground with a red sandstone and steel post to the south and a barbed wire fence corner to the northwest of the corner. The corner is referenced by two RM Monuments in the northwest and southwest quadrants; both RM monuments were found in good condition among the sagebrush.

The monument falls at the base of a ridgeline to the southeast from the monument. The current monument set in 1931 has some marks on it, but is generally in good condition. 

NGS Station ETHETE (PID OW0284) bears southeast approximately 450 from this mark; it is on the ridge and has substantial erosion around it, but is in generally good condition
Reference Mark 1 toward corner Reference Mark 2 toward IP