Uintah Meridian

This is one of 4 "special" meridians used to mark Indian reservations and a very small amount of land (relatively speaking) creating many partial townships and sections.

According to Al White they were not necessary and would have worked just as well off of the existing meridians and methods.

There once was a cap for this point and if it is still in place it is under the highway.

The red painted ring is along the western edge of an unimproved southbound road and just north of the center strip.



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On Sept 18, 2009 a new significant historical Monument and IP marker were dedicated at the Uintah Meridian. John Stahl was kind enough to send me photos and text regarding the occasion. Check it out at the bottom of the page.

Submitted by:

John N Shankland

John B. Stahl, PLS




Unknown design in marker circle

Fence post by reference marker

Reference Marker

Approx 52 ft in the direction of the arrow was the red circle painted on the highway.

These PDF's describe the process of reconstruction and historical significance of the monument.

Historical Marker Construction
Old Marker Recovered
Historical Plaques

New historical monument symbolically representing the original

A Blessing

New brass Marker

Access plate to the New IP marker in the highway