Boise Meridian
Kuna, Idaho

 This monument was originally set in April of 1867 by Peter W. Bell; being a lava stone and wood post.  In 1910 the post and stone were replaced by an iron pipe and brass cap. In 1937 the cap and post were found battered and disfigured; and were once again replaced by a new post and brass cap.  In 1962 the existing concrete structure was constructed around the 1937 monument, including informational plaques.  By 1990 the signs and brass cap were all badly vandalized and once again and the BLM and Idaho Surveyors again replaced the defaced 1937 brass cap with a new brass cap epoxied into the concrete surface.


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Kurt A Luebke





The vandals have once again ripped the Initial Point monument out of itsí setting.  At the site the epoxied and empty setting is clearly visible in the concrete foundation and RM 2 has also been ripped out of itsí rock setting.  RM 4 is still in place as is the Initial Point Azimuth mark at the bottom of the hill.

This mark can be accessed by driving south 8 miles on Swan Falls road from Kuna, Idaho and then driving east for a half mile on a rough gravel road to the very prominent rock formation with the initial point on top.  The road up to the top is only accessible by a good 4-wheel drive vehicle.

The Idaho surveyors and BLM have plans to try and fix this monument up once again, but are trying to come up with a more vandal-proof construction.

IP from the North Reference 2 Reference 4


On April 1st 2009 I visited this site on a tip from Kurt Luebke that the IP monument had been reset, this time in a cylinder epoxied into the base. While it appears the vandals were unable to remove it they did leave their mark.

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